Site w/b stuff that helped rescue

Thanks, Sharron. I've done the training with lots of respect for my animals. Their state of mind always comes first. I find that there is the element of 'wanting to please' from them.

At the Seattle Dog Show I picked up a pair of 'basenji socks' for me. They make me want to run around in capri pants so I can show them off, even though capris and socks are a little odd looking together. 🙂

Quercus, your so very right, re Donna. So very generous.
Fran, I am at the age where I dress as I please, your still young, but there is nothing like the freedom to know that you can do what you want.
At least where clothes are concerned..giggle.

ha ha Sharron - I fooled you. I must have been having a good hair day or something. 🙂 52 comes up this August.

No way!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Sharron…WHERE are the photos of the two new Basenji friends??? Hmmmm???? 😃

AJ are you speaking of Miss Wheat?

AJ, been a long day at work…are you speaking of the two STUFFED basenjis???
Laugh, I have to have Lisa Voss, bless her heart, help me post photos of Ms Wheat.
Go to the Website..
YOU will want one..or 2 or 4..laugh.
Getting post here. hugs.


…are you speaking of the two STUFFED basenjis???

Yes, ma'am, I am…would like to see them hugged up to you, safe and happy until one of them goes to its forever home. 😃

Heee, well, one of them is in with the other 3 in my display case. The second is on the way to BRAT for the raffel they will have at the convention.
Such a wonderful surprise for me! and for the next person who gets this "rehomed" stuff b!


Donna is AWESOME! She did a bunch of the trophies for last year's National…and she was very, VERY generous to us. Her work is great, and she is just a really good person!

I know she did the puppies, but did she do the embroidered towels too? Those were cool. I particulary like the b/w puppy because it almost has the same markings as Zoni. 🙂

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