HELP! I need help naming my kennel

  • I dont know if this belongs here so lets hope it does! haha.

    Anyways, I am getting a little female red and white puppy. Id like to do showing with her. She is AKC and I wanna try to get her championship title in confirmation. Her current owner doesnt show basenjis so they dont really have a kennel name. I am going to register her but i would like to have her named after my kennel name, which if i start showing i want to have one. I want a really good one! 🙂 If anyone can help that would be SO AWESOME! So far I have thought of:

    Sunshine City Kennels
    Dreamview Kennels
    Dreamlite Kennels
    D'ogee Kennels

    IF ANYONE HAS THESE NAMES PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I DO NOT WANT TO STEAL ANYONES NAME. If not, please help me choose the best one, OR give me more ideas! I also am looking for a "call" name for her AND a registered name too! So if you have any ideas, please send them my way too!

    Id like to use my kennel name in her name, a really catchy one, AND have the call name associated with it. [Ex. This is Eldorado Basenji's dog. They have a dog named Oreo and the registered kennel name was Ch. Eldorado's One Tough Cookie.] haha I think that is so cute! and i like how people are creative like this with the names and how the registered name is associated with the call name. Its clever and cute!

    So lets say I use Dreamlite. I would have an example: Dreamlite's Little Orphan Annie and her name could be Annie. - JUST A THOUGHT! 😃

    Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated. and please dont reply with mean comments. Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Just wanting to clarify a few things, are you getting the puppy from her breeder or is she being rehomed by her first owner? If it is the latter, did the owner contact the breeder? Many breeders require puppies be returned if they do not work out.

    Second question, have you verified that the puppy's parents have been DNA tested for Fanconi and at least one parent is clear?

    As for naming conventions since you are not the pup's breeder you may want to consider using your kennel name at the end so something like

    Daydreaming at Sunshine City

    To check if a kennel name is being used, go to and type in the name and do a search to see if it is being used.

  • Lisa has a lot of good info. Let us know what you decide.
    BUT Fanconi testing is a must if your going to breed dogs.

  • Hello! Thanks for the replie.

    She is a breeder. She is not in showing right now so she said that she doesnt mind if i choose a name. I want to name her after my own kennel yet i dont really have a good name picked out so that is why i want help on that part.

    The parents have been tested. She will NOT have Fanconi. Her, i believe father, is a carrier and her mother is clear. or the other way around. and they said the puppies shouldnt. I will do testing once I get her. If she does that ill have to make sure that if she is bred she is bred with a clear stud. but yes, at LEAST one of them is clear, cannot remember which one it is tho.

    Mother is Miss Sweetpea of The Congo
    Father is Black Devil of the Congo

    as for naming, is that a rule? Id like to know how they went about naming them. So if it isnt bred by you its at the end and if it is its at the beginning? Just curious.

  • Of the Congo is the suffix that was used by Veronica Tudor Williams, who had nothing to do with these two dogs. It would be very poor taste to use that kennel name since it was improperly ued n the first place.

    In the US most breeders put their kennel names in the front of the registered names and new owners put their kennel names at the back. In other countries breeder's kennel names are used at the end.

  • Thank you for the reply. 🙂 Ya i was not planning on using that kennel. I was thinking since she was going to be my first dog that i was hoping to show, and the current breeder said i could name her whatever i wished i was thinking about naming her something with my own kennel name. I think i am going to name the kennel Dreamlite kennels. And as an example i was debating on naming the new puppy Kash. so i was thinking her registered name could be: Dreamlite's Big Bucks. Or Dreamlite's Kash Currency. or something cute and catchy. 🙂

    Any ideas? I think i am going to stick with Dreamlite Kennels. but any ideas on a registered name or a cuter name for both "call" and "registered" names.

  • EVERYONE i have pictures finally!!! 😃 Here is my new baby girl!

    OH! I almost forgot to put my current B on here! She is the love of my life! Her name is missy and she is 10 years old! red/white! below are pics of her through the years!

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