B Mix in Orange County, CA

I know nothing about this dog or its availability but here is the website:


Did someone contact Medfly?

Its hard to tell with photos, but what makes them think its a mix?

He looks pure doesn't he Sharron ? I'm happy to jet a email down south, but I didn't want to be a double poster. Does BRAT or Medfly know about him Sharron ?

I did send the site to BRAT. I am sorry, I don't know the Medfly site, or would have posted to them as well.


they are near him… I thought it would sound better coming from one of the BRAT ppl.

I sent a note to Karen. Hopefully, we will hear that someone has gone dog to get this dog.

I am a noobie here.

My family and I are looking for a Basenji and called on this particular dog, I think either BRAT or someone else already got invloved because they told me the dog was not available either due to health concerns or a rescue had stepped in.

My understanding is that this dog might be a mix. Also there are some skin issues that are at issue. So, will let you know more when I find out.
BUT from what I heard, this dog can't be placed at this time.

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