• We are the proud owners of a almost two year old Basenji named, Jaberi. He is the four legged boss of the house. He makes sure that he has his nightly walk without fail, by reminding me with nudges and nips and taking things and running around the house, unless of course it is raining outside. At night he makes sure that his pack is all together and that he has the prime spot at the head of the bead with his head on the pillows. He is an exciting joy with lots of personality! We are looking to move to the Atlanta area later on in the year and are looking to find any information about taking Jaberi on the plane trip to the mainland (california) and from there we are driving across country. Any helpful tips or information on the transportation of Jaberi on the plane would be helpful and not to mention the road trip across country.

    Sam and Suzanne

  • How big is Jaberi? Many of us depending on the size of our Basenjis fly with them in cabin in a Sherpa Bag that is made and approved for airline travel. However the airlines all have different rules about what size fits in a Sherpa. And while you may think yours fits, the airline could have different opinions. Even when you get to check in. They mostly say that they need to be able to stand up, turn around, etc. When in reality they really just need to be comfortable enough to lay down.

    Other then that, he would fly as baggage.

    Is he crate trained? That is the most important thing whether he flys in cabin or as baggage. Nothing worse IMO, is to stuff an uncrate trained dog into a crate and then be loaded as baggage….

  • If he hasn't had any rabies vaccinations, you want to get the first one ASAP, then the second one 3 months later.
    This will make it so you can take him back in and avoid the quarantine.
    You can find all the info on the Hawaii .gov website.

    It is quite the pain.
    I have several Hawaiian's and it is more work than doing all the stuff to export overseas!!

    I brought my adult back in the plane and the pups in crates underneath back in February. Worked great for me.

  • hi Jaberi, Sam and Suzanne, great to have you on board here with us. How lucky to be living in Honolulu. We travel there fairly frequently as I have a friend who lives there - such a beautiful place to take an evening walk with your basenji.

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