• There is a local farm we visit every day where Sonny runs & plays with his best dog friends. He has gotten the reputation as the class clown from the other humans due to his many crazy antics and often humorous behavior! Today he managed to have the whole field laughing. A group of us were all sitting on a hill watching the dogs play and sonny came over and snuggled up one of the guys and seemed to lay down to relax. What no one noticed was he had positioned himself perfectly to bury his head in the guys jacket pocket and one by one pick out the treats in there! But he didn't eat every treat- he spit out the ones he didn't like and went digging around for the ones he preferred!!

    oh and did I mention when its time to leave he lays down and plays dead and wont move and will repeat this act every tens steps as we make our way back to the car :eek:

  • LOL! Too funny! Love it! What a smart boy! :D:p:D

  • You go Sonny Boy!! Buddy's the same entertainer at the dog park here. Steals other dogs balls then runs up to the person that threw it and barooos at them full volume with the ball in his mouth. Entertainment brought to you by the Basenji.

  • What characters Sonny Boy and Buddy are. And people wonder why we love basenjis? Ha!

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