Some more

Pictures, from our B's

And they call it "puppy love"

And one more of Buana


Hahaha.. that last pic! Hilarious! 😃

That is quite the s..t..r..e..t..c..h !!

Those boys love each other!


Those boys love each other!

They really do, today we were at a show and they share a crate together.
They each have a very tasty bone, chewing next to eachother and a Basenji owner walked toward us and asked (with a very scared face) ARE THAT TWO INTACT MALES???!?!?!!

When we answered her yes, she did not know what to say for a few seconds…. hahah
(but uhm, don't they growl at eachother? no miss they don't....):D

😃 Love Buana's bridge impression.

I love the second pic!

And here's the reason why we need another B friend for Lana - so they can cuddle together! 😉 Lana cuddles with Mishka when they are outside and it is cold and rainy., and they also try to fit on the dog bed together. Never with Busya - that dog cannot sit still for more than 3 seconds and that really irritates Lana, when she is trying to sleep.

Doggie cuddles! So cute!

Very cute pictures! There's nothing like an afternoon in a sun patch!

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