• Late in the workday today, when my work was done and I had some time to kill I put 'Basenji' into the search box. 700,000+ entries. OK, so I just start looking at them, page after page. Mostly what you'd expect, definitions, traits, breeders, ads, etc. A couple of things caught my eye. A book called 'The Basenji Revelation' by Simon Cleveland, and a computer program called 'Basenji'. Has anyone heard of either of these and/or have any comments on them?

    BTW: I continued the perusal when I got home but still only got through about 650 of them. Interesting stuff though on some of the links. Just goes to show, sometimes the first page on any search engine does not always tell the the tale. example: I was 5 pages in B4 this forum came up.:) And then only as a link from another place as to "traits".

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