• I've yet to purchase my first basenji, but when I do, he will have to adapt to the disgusting 🙂 sound of my ****atoos screeching. We have a pair in their own (aviary) room that has a french door on it so we can keep track of the antics going on. They have an incredibly large cage and lead a life of luxury.

    As ****atoos live a very long life, my B. boy will have to get used to their sounds and movements. My 'toos are estimated to be in their early 30's, so I might have to will them off to someone!

    I don't think there will be a chance that my B. will ever get into the bird room, as I have been successful in keeping 3 cats away from them for 15 years. The cats are very disinterested in the ****atoos now. They barely look into the room.

    However, I can just see (or is that HEAR?) the birds and my B. in a happy baroo/screech chorus. 🙂

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