• We have a duaghter who has always been fascinated by dogs. We made her prove responsibility tby earning grades in school and doing chores at home. Well she did her part so we got lucky to meet a supportive and wise breeder in Sherry Stevens of Nowata's Basenji. Sherry gifted us Buddy whom she thought had the disposition for children and added the condition that our daughter at least once compete in Juniors. Well over 50 shows later and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. Our family has never been closer, albeit the many Subaru long show drives to and from Arizona. We also have a three yr-old whom Buddy is generally respectful and considerate of her. The only thing he has a bit of trouble with is eating all those little plastic toys she walks around with. That behavior seems to of resulted in another benefit in that our youngest daughetr has learned to keep her little plastic treasures inside her room and her door closed. So our house has never been more spotless. The well chosen basenji can and does get along wonderfully with children. There are about 20 or so basenji juniors competing across the USA.

  • Great story, thanks for posting!:)

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