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Hi there! 🙂 I was 16 when I got my fist B and worked my butt of to save the money up for her. So I feel for you!
Have you thought about trying You may be able to find a B on there to rescue, and it would be eaiser to save the rescue fee than a puppy fee.
Good luck in your search!

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Great story, thanks for posting!:)

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Hello everyone, my name is Melody I live in Ann Arbor MI with my partner of 5 years Joan my 3 Basenji's and her 3 Beagles.
We have one of each raised from puppies and the other 4 are adopted rescues. This is what we have decided to do, adopt the older ones that have less chance of getting homes and let them live out their lives in style! 🙂

I'm a dog groomer and groom out of my home three afternoons a week. I spend my days studying and training our dogs. We love camping, swimming and hiking!

I'm interested in getting Sukeena into lure coursing and would love to meet someone in or near MI that does it so I could tag along and check it out!

I'll post pics soon, great forum!

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I have to say I agree with you, I have 3 females Sukeena (4) raised from a pup, and two rescues adopted at 10 and 12 years of age and they are all fine with most dogs and get along very well with their beagle sisters and each other.

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