• I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this.

    Can any one on the site give me in depth information on Phemister's Congo?

  • Here are two articles from the African Stock Project library.



  • Thank you Ivoss. Very interesting especially the second article. I notice that the patches were described as brindle. Our early Basenjis in the UK did produce some offspring that had a lot of white (culled, I'm afraidf) but not as much as Congo's. I wonder if she was a pure Basenji? I note that she came from Liberia - the black and whites from there were, as you know, accepted as Basenjis.

    I have a USA line in some of my dogs. One of these lines goes back to Congo, hence my interest!

  • Congo was not the only early import that was described as brindle, Binza Of Laughing Brook out of the Sudan is also described as brindle and had the call name Tiger. His only descendants come down from one son M'Bunga who was red/white.

  • I actually saw Tiger when he was in quarantine here all those years ago. Politics in the breed caused Veronica to send him to Michael Hughes Hall in Rhodesia. There are quite a few descendants here from the litter he sired but the majority of his puppies mouths were not good so VTW told me. I assume that this has showed up in his descendants from time to time.

    Azenda Which (Margaret Christy Davis) was a fairly early descendant and the Zizunga (Irene Terry) line was partially based on this bitch. Jethard Cidevant who was a Crufts Supreme Champion also carries a line back to Tiger. Many of these people here who had such descendants were ironically some of the main movers opposing the acceptance of Brindle into our KC Standard!!!! Isn't it ironic?!

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