• Has anyone else had the problem of their grooming table getting slippery over time? My dogs could stand on it without any problem initially but now their feet slip and I have to use a rubber mat so their feet will stay steady. I've tried cleaning it with a variety of different things with no success. I guess the coat conditioner I used to use is probably the culprit. The top has a texturized hard rubber surface. I'm tempted to run some sand paper or steel wool over it to see if that works. Any suggestions?

  • What things have you tried to clean it with? What coat conditioner did you used to use?

  • I used Kenic Kalaya Emu Oil Pet Spray. Since it has a decent amount of the oil in it, I've tried soapy water and some spray cleaners that are supposed to cut grease. The surface isn't slick or greasy, it feels dry to the touch but their back feet won't stay in place when they are standing. I don't use the conditioner much anymore but now try to spray it off the grooming table just in case.

  • You could try some rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. If there is oil on it, they should help get it off. Use the nail polish remover that is safe for acrylic nails though because otherwise it will dissolve some of the rubber too.

  • I have some rubbing alcohol so I'll see what happens. Thanks.

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