The cat came back

Have you guys listened to this? It is a story about a basenji and her humans from This American Life. Its cute, and only a couple minutes long.

First Basenji's

I just listened to it. It's a really cool story; sweet, sad, and funny all at once. Thanks for sharing it. I love that despite the research done, they still didn't know what they were getting into. I was the same way, although I think I must have more patience and a better sense of humor than the parents.


Great story..funny, sad and interesting all at once…like they are talking about our family..;);):)

Thank you so much for posting this..I truly enjoyed it, it did bother me though how they laughed about him getting shot numerous times with a bb gun...hmm...not funny.

First Basenji's

That bothered me too, but I guess since the BBs didn't bother him he must have been a pretty resilient little b.

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