• I did my 5th K9 5K yesterday.

    It was Bandit's 5th and Hunter's first. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was sponsored by the City of Renton and the course travels along the Cedar River. It was a dry, cold day.

    As usual, they were the only basenjis in attendance. They get lots of attention and questions "what kind of dogs are they?".

    Attached is Hunter's first meeting with Santa!!!! Bandit, of course, is an old pro!

  • Congratulations vicki, Bandit, and Hunter. Cute pic too!!

  • Sounds like fun! How did they do?? Did you run with them? Do you have them on separate leashes? A jogging leash? How did they do with the other dogs? That is so awesome! I would love to do something like that!

  • I had them each on their respective leashes. I went with 2 friends who have a puggle. I walked Bandit, and one of my friends walked Hunter. Although, I can walk both at the same time. That's why I only have 2!:)

    We walked, we have never ran!:) We did the 5K in 57 minutes then it was inside the gym to get our Santa pic taken.

    Like I said, this was my 5th time. Bandit has done it with me everytime, so she is an old pro. I took Congo with me once too but it is usually so cold that I didn't want to risk him freezing his old bones! Hunter did pretty well. He was excited to see all the different dogs but most people are good about keeping their dogs close to them.

    I would have to say there were probably 100 people and maybe 80 dogs. Mostly labs, retrievers & border collies. A couple of pugs, one dalmation, one sheep dog, one husky, lots of mutts, a couple chihuahuas, one rottweiller. My dogs were ( and have always been) the only basenjis there!:)

    Good times were had by all and I already look forward to next year!

  • Houston

    What great fun..I am so proud of them for making the world of the City of Renton Basenji knowledgeable..you go. Must have felt good being the only ones out there..
    The pic is adorable..

  • You did great but the picture is a love the babies are handsome.

    Rita Jean

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