• Our Tut is 3 years old in December. Recently, he has started escaping from his kennel….chewing through metal and most recently destroying a padlock (no idea how he did that!) and getting loose in the house.

    Any ideas on the type of kennel/crate we can buy that will keep him contained?

    Any ideas or thoughts are helpful!!!!


  • Once out of his kennel is he destructive?

  • Not usually if we are home. If he is out of his kennel and starts to be a little destructive, it is usually because he wants to play and that is how he gets our attention.

    If he "breaks loose" out of his kennel and we are not home, he is very destructive.

    We have thought about letting him out of his kennel while we are gone, but are afraid of what we will come home too…not to mention, the injuries he could sustain!

  • we built an indoor and out door kennel.
    inside is on a basement/ cement floor. it is a chain link 5x5x4 with a gate(that we now lock with a chain,as they got the gate latch up and out and open, so we chain it with a carbiner lock.) we used chicken wire on the roof and wired it on so they cannot jump out. they seem to be very content (unless they know we are home, so we dont leave them in there if we are home). the outside one is exactly the same but with a 10x10x6 with the wire roof and chain/lock. it also has a tarp over one side for shade/rain protection… but we really try to not leave them outside if it is going to rain or it is cold. we put doggy beds inside and a dog house outside. we had excapers too.. at thru 4 kennels. and would get out .. this relly really helped. we got the small one from walmart .. ordered it online and the large one from a farm and home.. came with a gate too. they were both very easy to assemble and we also lined the outside one with cement garden type blocks so they cannot dig out. we are all happy now.

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