Best Puppy in Show

On Sunday Maya was Best Puppy in Show at our local all breeds open show. They always get a really good entry there so i was really proud of her. It was in a freezing cold halls at the Three Counties Showground so i was really pleased that she kept showing so well even though she made the whole table shake from shivering so much 😞 Poor baby :rolleyes: She is a trooper (aka spoilt little princess!!).

Sadly no pictures, the photographer has only put individual photos on his website, not the BIS pictures 😕

Well done Jess & Maya:D


Awesome work little Maya. To bad no pictures are available..

Many congrats :D!

Well done jess, she is really doing well at the moment - great!

Great news, well done Jess and Maya! I know what you mean when you say (spoilt little princess), my Poppy is just the same!

They can get away with murder if they keep winning.:D

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