• Oh dear so kind of you bouth ! Thank´s a lot !

  • Hello and Welcome to the Forum. My Basenji girl is a mixed breed… the other half is Whippet!

  • Oh…..we have them separated and still been succesful. He is with my husband on the office when the girls are in season. I meet them mixed on a photo but not live.
    Please send me some photo of her.

  • Hi Ramses and welcome! 😃

  • hello ramses, your puppy in your avatar is so cute and wrinkly! welcome to the forum, do not worry about your english, we all speak basenji. baroo!

  • So much kind people in the List 😉 Yest she was really cute, but now she is gone to her mother, almost nine years old. She had a hernia in her neck.

    By for now

  • Hej! Welcome to the forum, lot's of good Basenji people, fun and infromation.


  • Welcome to the forum! If you check this often, I am sure that it will be a way for you to improve your English as well as having fun with all the basenji people!

  • Welcome to the forum. We too got our first in 93. I now have a 12yr old and two 1 yr olds. They are great …and don't worry, my English isn't so great -- and I'm an American!:)

  • Oh I really hope so but my eng. just used in Greece, so that´s wy. I have only a few words, and it´s difficult to explain and to wright..smile
    Yes we talk basenji yoddelie not eng. and american is good as well.
    You are so kind.


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