• Hailey is in season at the moment, so we have to watch closely because we don't want to breed a Basenji x Ibizan hahaha

    I was feeding Ryan and I kept Buana next to me (Ryans feet were on top of him hahaha)

    Hailey was sleeping on the couch next to me.

    Kas took Chafuko with him into the bedroom, he was changing the sheets..
    The next moment, I heared playing sounds and after that…

    Kas came back into the living room, Chafuko sitting down on a big sheet and had a sheet of a pillow on his head...
    Both had so much fun.. Kas pulled him trough the intire living room, Chafuko sat down like the king... baroooooing...


    I become sooooo happy when I see them playing around 😃

  • Kas was giving Chafuko a "sleigh ride." I bet that was so funny to see.

    You have such an amusing pack!

  • Houston

    Oh, I wish there were pictures involved, sounds like they had so much fun.
    Otis loves playing with the sheets if I am changing them, but I have never thought of pulling him..might have to give that a try.

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