Maya with Delilah and Gracie.

Thought i'd share these pictures taken a little while ago when the girls were helping me with the horses 😃


This one is too much!!! :D:D:D:D:D Love it!


Great pictures. I love the last one showing off how pretty Maya is in natural light..:) and of course the tongue one too, and the one when Maya is struggling with a stick.
Beautiful horses you got as well.

😃 Delilah is very… special!! She has OCD - lick lick lick lick lick lick lick - ALL the time!!


My daughter just saw your thread on the pugpups a few days ago and she has now decided that is what she wants "next" time. She absolutely loves their little squished faces.

Oooh, you just reminded me that i need to post some updated pictures of the puglets!!

Every home should have a pug 🙂

Pictures are really nice but dogs are beautiful so are the horses. That tongue picture is great love it.

Rita Jean

Gracie looks such a character, she is very brave being so close to those hooves!

I like the one of Maya jumping, she'll be doing agility next!

Thanks all 🙂

The pugs (and maya!) and pretty fearless with the horses 🙂 And luckily Charlie & Una are very tolerant!

I did actually think of having a go at agility with Maya. She did a Scurry at a local companion show a couple of weeks ago (finished 3rd 😃 ) and loved it!! So who knows….!

Great pics Jess:D
My B's love horses too, especially Belle.


😃 Delilah is very… special!! She has OCD - lick lick lick lick lick lick lick - ALL the time!!

Gee sounds like my boxer (Buska) and my akita (Mishka)! Between the two of them you have no way out and they will have their way with you!

Great pics!

wow Delilah has become a real lady!!! 😃

I love the picture of your pug with his tongue sticking out!!!

Your horses are beautiful; what kind are they?

Thank you. The little fat bay pony is a connemara, and the big black one is a friesian 🙂

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