The swimmer

Is the water warm? I remember when my blk/wht Nika was only 4 months old in 1994 and I took her out to an area that had a channel of water running around it and as soon as I got her there she bolted off enthusiastically and didn't see the channel and SPLASH! The look on her face was "What the heck"!! She paddled right outta there, shook off and ran around like nothing had happened.

Great pictures, Mody has a real frown on her face in the last one.

The water was o.k. I checked it under the knees, but I didn?t swim. Mody saw bigger dogs swimming and playing and I am sure she didn?t know what continues after going deepre to water:) But she was very brave and after few minutes of untrust she went back to water, but only under her belly:)

I love that last picture. The expression on her face says so much. thank you for sharing!


Cute. Seems like she kind of regretted jumping in afterwards though, hahah.

ooooow.. those ears on the last pic… πŸ˜ƒ too cute

Great pics! Love the last one πŸ˜ƒ Mody is a brave girl πŸ™‚

First Basenji's

I love the curious look in the first picture, and then regretful looking in the last one. Very brave indeed!

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