• My B is always good when I leave him home alone. He is free to run around the whole apartment and we never have an issue. Until now. I came home and couldn't get my front door open. Something was in the way. So with a little shove I got in and found the mini blinds from my bedroom on the ground blocking the door to my kitchen. I was super confused. As I walked down the hall there was a path of destruction: shelves were knocked over, pictures were on the ground, knickknacks every wheres but there was no Basenji.

    I was still a little confused and slightly worried. I called and called but no B. I started rushing through the house panicking. I finally found my B downstairs under my living room couch. He absolutely refused to come out. He was shaking and all the hairs on his back was standing on end. After much coaxing I got him to come out and he jumped right into my arms and wanted to be held. :p

    The best theory I can come up with is that B was looking out the window watching the cats walk through the woods behind my apartment. (A typical way he spends his time) Somehow he must have got stuck in the string of the mini blinds. Pulled them off the window and freaked out as he tried to get them off of him knocking over everything in his path. I don't think he got out of his tangle until he reached the kitchen. Then freaked out from freight and hid downstairs until it was safe.

    Mini blinds: 1 Basenji: 0

  • Sounds like what happened if he's been good all this time. You don't pull the blinds up or open when you're not home?

  • Oh the mini blinds are always open. I only close them on really cold winter nights. I think he got stuck on the string that hangs from them and pulled the whole thing off the window.

  • Sorry to rehash my mantra about blinds….ALWAYS put the blinds all the way up AND wrap the hanging cords high up as well.

    Luckily, I was home when Ty got wrapped in and was choked with the cord. Scared the crap out of me. I never leave the house with the blinds down or the cords hanging anymore.

  • Yeah. I think I have done everything to Basenji proof the house, but he always seems to come up with something I never thought of. I guess that's how you learn. Luckily he wasn't hurt… well maybe just his ego.

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