DNA testing for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency…

  • I am getting myself organised to continue with my health testing, of Ochre and Saba. Saba is booked in this week to get his Hips/Elbows done, and he has already had his Fanconi done. Ochre is about to have her cheek swab done for Fanconi, just waiting to hear back from Genetic Technologies re that…

    When I got some documentation from this company, it has a list of all the diseases that can be DNA tested for all the different breeds. Listed under the Basenji was Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency, (PK). (Interesting that Fanconi wasnt listed either 😕)This stumped me as I had not heard of this disease in relation to the Basenji...

    Is this something that should be routinely tested for ??? I will be doing some "homework", in relation to this disease, but Im just interested in people's thoughts 🙂 Do I need to get it done ???

  • PK testing is for Hemolytic Anemia, mostly not seen in Basenjis today. Like Fanconi it is a recessive gene…. you can read about it at www.basenji.org or www.basenjihealth.org and it was a big problem 30 yrs ago (I may be wrong on the date.. it was before my time in Basenjis)

  • Thanks Tanza :).

    Well you can see that I didnt do my homework on this disease BEFORE I posted my question ⭕o.

    (Says this, then runs off to commence my edumacation for the day. Topic is… H.A. :))

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