• I start obedience class tonight with my going on 5yr old b simba. He has never had any formal obedience training, only conformation training. And these classes are very much needed. So wish me luck, i hope he does good, and dosent try to go after any of the other dogs. :o

  • luck luck luck!!!!

  • oh, this is great.
    Go in with lots of lovely treats and a good sense of humor.
    Let us know how it goes, please!

  • Good luck!! Don't forget to have fun!!

    And please tell us how it went! 🙂

  • Good luck! I bet he will do better than you think. 🙂 Can't wait to hear how things go.

  • You will be surprised how well he will do. 🙂

  • He did AWSOME. He listened to me and he didnt even try to go after the other dogs. We are in the beginners class so its full of younger dogs and puppies, they were all jumping around and barking. Simba would sit in front of me and look at the other dogs being crazy and then look at me like "mom what are we doing here" :). There was acctually another lady there with a 5 month old basenji who live not to far from me. Which is crazy because we live in a very small town and i have never seen any othere B's around here.

  • Now that you have found someone else with a b, you can set up a play day!

  • Wow! What a succes for you and Simba! Good to hear you two enjoyed it! 😃

  • That's great! keep up the good work. And don't worry, Simba will humble you every now and then. lol

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