• New isn't a bad thing right? heh, I'm new here but not new to owning Basenjis. My name is Hannah, I've owned 2 Basenji in the past, my oldest was a 15yo red and white male named Demax Thunderbolt-Bandit and he passed away on St. Patricks day of this year. Now I have an absolutely GORGEOUS 9mo tri color female named RacecaR's Mali-Dandra (known more lovingly as "mali").

    I learned a lot about Basenjis when we had Bandit, mostly because he became very ill in his old age. When Bandit died we looked around for another breed. But the more we looked at other breeds the more we knew how much we wanted another Basenji to own us… oops... I mean... to own another Basenji :p


  • Welcome to the forum, very entertaining site for any B enthusiast.

    Please post a pic of that Tri…....enjoy!:)

  • sure thing… right away ^_^

  • Hannah-I'm so sorry for your loss of Bandit. This must have been terribly hard but we're comforted that he lived a long life & I'm sure it was a good one 🙂

    And welcome to MALI sounds like a doll 😃

  • Weclome! I love your avatar…this is lots of fun and very informative...

  • thanks guys… I know I'll have fun.

    I just wish I knew other central Florida basenji owners....

  • i think susan schroeder is in central florida, she shows and breeds her basenjis. i think she even currently has one of the fastest b's in the country. (swamp something?)

  • honestly? I haven't heard anything about it… but word travles slow in polk county I guess... I really want Mali to interact with other Basenjis... but as far as I know there are no basenji clubs or anything near me...

  • Hi Hannah! Welcome to our little bit of heaven…. I have benefited from this forum... some of these folks really know the breed. I hope you enjoy our little community and post some pics soon.

  • thanks bunches! I actually have posted some pictures in the picture section… if you want to see them just look for the topic with "Mali" in the name ^_^

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