• Well, as many of you know, March came in with a snowstorm for much of the East Coast. I live in Maryland & we got hit hard [for this area, that is]. At the end of it all, we had about 7-9 inches on the ground. It was beautiful & gave me a nice snow day to spend with Dallas 🙂 He HATES the rain, like 99% of basenjis, but seemed to love the snow! Photos below 😉

    He spent a lot of time just digging various holes in the snow

    Watching the snow falling

    "Mom, what are you doing in the house??" Haha :p

    Photo of my backyard covered in snow

    After he came inside, he rested in his favorite spot in the house 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed! Also, hope everyone who got hit by this storm stayed safe!

  • I surely enjoyed !!! Great pics. I heard about the snowstorm on the Eastcoast in our weather report. Hope you are all safe !!:)
    Warm greetings from Belgium

  • a snowstorm, I hope all is find in your area, shall I see that once? lol
    never mind
    your dog seem to be a bit surprised, he 's very nice.

  • My b's also love the snow much more than the rain.
    But their feet get so cold!

  • Lovely photos! Not sure what my pups would think of it, but Dallas looked like he was having fun.

  • Great pics!!!!

    Our B's wont think about getting into the snow.. haha

  • Great pics, he is beautiful and so is the snow… I really like the one where he is looking up at the snow falling!!!;)

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