You are so right! Here she is:)


she has such a gorgeous face. what is her registered name?

Okay, they moved it to the appropriate forum! Her name is Moonlyte's Simply Serena.

She's starting to fit in quite nicely, and she is surely becoming my personal favorite:)

The diaper takes away from the pic, but we all went through it I guess:)
Will have to post some more when she's out of it.

Here she is, out of the diaper, ready to chase a squirrel:)


I have to say….the designer diaper was cute though 🙂

Very nice!..a lovely girl.

Joey's Mom is Moonlyte's Perfect Image! He is a year… would they be cousins? 😉

You know what? I did a search on the pedigree…turns out that Serena's Dad is your guy's granddad!! (if I looked it up correctly:)

Small world:)))

She's a pretty girl!

Here's both of my girls just lounging around on a cold evening:) They just seem too comfortable!


Can you assist me in looking up Joey's pedigree? Nevermind, I figured it out!

Very nice Brindles, and that's so cool they're related. Family reunion perhaps?:D

Thanks for the pics!🆒

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