• Kenya is a 10 week old B. We have had her about a week now and we have noticed something strange or what seems strange to us. Kenya spends the day while we are at work in a fairly confined space so we set aside two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon simply to exercise and play with her. She is a bundle of energy when it comes to play but when we take her out for a walk she rarely wants to walk. She will roam around a little and then just sit down. Now that she knows where the door to go inside is she will go do her business and then head immediately for the door. I don't know what to do. I try and walk her but as I said before she just will sit down every twenty yards or so. I don't want to pull on her leash so I end up picking her up and taking her to another place. Sometimes that works and she will roam around that area but other times she just sits there stubbornly or will come jump up on me and wants to be picked up. Any ideas?

  • When we got Buana the first week, he also stops during the walk to sit..
    You must remeber that she's a puppie, she can sit to rest, or to look at the streets, to see everyting.
    A walk takes very much energy of a little pup, i don't know how big your walk is?

    And I think, you should not pick her up, try to get her walking again with your voice of with a treat.. If you pick her up, she thinks "oooww if i'm sitting down, if i stay here, i won't have to walk!!! ill be picked up!!!!
    They are very very smart, even as a puppy!
    It's good you don't pull the leach, that can make her afraid if it goes to hard.

    I think she is looking at the world, her new world outsite, with all new things, in combination with a walk she may get tired.

  • It is not unusual for puppies to stop if they are trying to take in a lot of new information. My litter of puppies was started on a leash at 8 weeks old. For the first week pretty much all they did was sit in the front yard, investigate the yard, and watch the neighborhood comings and goings. At almost 12 weeks they all now walk pretty well up and down the street but when they go somewhere like the park, there is still a lot of stopping and staring to take in the new sights.

    If Kenya was never walked prior to coming to your house, it may be awhile before she is comfortable walking on leash. When you are with her on the leash, it is a good time to work on name response. Calling her name and rewarding her for coming, this can also help you to get her started moving around on the leash.

  • Thanks for the help. You have given us a few ideas to try. We were a little worried because most of the time we have been walking five minutes before she stopped and she would just stare at us so we didn't know if that was unusual or not. I am glad to here that she will grow more accustomed to walking. I often forget how young she is. Thanks

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