• Hey everyone, I just joined the Basenji Forums site. I am from Milledgeville, GA, and have an 11 month old male Basenji named Gipper. He's still entact because I was hoping to breed him. I am in the process of registering him with the CKC, and I wouldn't mind traveling if anyone is interested. I'll post some pictures of him. He's a great dog, but a typical stubborn Basenji. But, he knows I'm the alpha, and he's getting better by the day. He's also super friendly, and I'm trying to train him to not jump on people when they come in the door. Feel free to respond back…

  • Welcome to the forum, there is great advice here about our loving B's. There is also a thread on how to keep your baby from jumping on people when they come to your door, or inside your door. I myself started that thread, I have the same problem with my B, Sahara. She is almost 10mos., and she just loves people, I hope she will get the idea that she is not to do this, I plan on trying to go to the door with a leash on her, and giving treats when she does not jump on my guest. Would love to see a picture of your boy.:)

  • Welcome, post some pics when you can. Lot's of fun and information.:)

  • Welcome! This forum is a lot of fun and has lots of great information. Cute name too!

  • Welcome to the forum. It's nice to see another southerner. Everyone seems to be so far way, either from up north or out west. I am still waiting for another member to join from Tennessee. Can't wait to see pics of your basenji.

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