• Sandie refuses to go out in the rain unless i drag her out under the tree … then its hurry up lets go back inside... Butttttttt... immediatly after it stops raining she will go straight to the mud and dig dig dig... tonight she did that and befor i knew it she had mud scatterd from one end of the house to the other...I screamed she made a dash for her crate like she didnt do it... A roll of paper towels and 1 load laundry later all is forgotten...

  • Ohh yuk! I can almost see it happening. Well I hope Sandie learned her lesson! Do you think she connected her dirty paws with your scream? Course kids & dogs don't think about the custodial work already in our daily schedule . . . DO THEY!?! :mad:

  • I think my grown kids that still wont move out are worse to pick up after than Sandie… And no if theres mudd any where she seems to find it... we just really have to watch her feet...And it looks like rain today... grrrrrrrrrrrr

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