• Is there a website or some place I can look to learn how to use a dremmel??

  • Did you get a dremmel used - without instructions? The company should have a website that you can either request instructions or download them. It's a safety issue. Good luck.

  • JYS1011 – I've never used one (on dogs) either. I just use clippers and a file and always wish I could get them shorter or at least get any "hook" out of the shape. Our 12 year old has always had long nails and I'm always nervous to cut them too short (they seem to bleed forever if you nip them too close!) but do my best. I have dremmel though I'd love some tips.

  • After lots of searching I found this great site. Let me know what you all think.


    I haven't purchased one yet but I wanted to see if I would actually be able to do it myself.

  • It sounds a little scary to me, but trimming nails has always! My husband does it for Nala, I call it "manicure day". He keeps that styptic stuff on hand and has rarely used it. She starts to fuss, but then just lets loose a big sigh and lets him do it! He finishes up by using a manicurist's nail file for hard nails to get rid of the sharp/rough edges. I should film it…it's quite sweet. The vet even commented that she has the nicest trimmed nails she's ever seen!

  • Thanks for that website link. My Basenji boy really dislikes anyone but me attempting to care for him and periodically he needs to have his nails attended to. A trip to the vet is too stressful for him for something like nail care. I will try this if needed. Luckily, we walk on pavement so much his nails do not get too long and he is fastidious (aren't they all?) about his grooming..

  • Our younger dogs let us use the dremel on them, but we started training them young. The older dogs…......no way you get that humming dremel next to them and we have to use the nail trimers and even that can be a struggle.

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