• Sometimes I think my basenjis think I'm one of them. My 3yr old male C3P0 will lay down at my feet which seems like "pet me" but then I do & he nips at my hand like he does when he plays with my 2yr old female Topaz.

    According to our trainer we're not supposed to correct them. We can get their attention & then distract with another good behavior. SO I say his name loudly "C3PO!" :mad: & then I make him sit with his back to me & then I just rub his back.

    Is he playing with me or is he really nipping at me to hurt me??

  • I think they are playing in a way they think is OK. I was told by an experienced Basenji owner that when you feel teeth - Stop the play and move and look away from dog for 2 to 5 seconds. This lets the pup/dog know the behavior isn't going to be rewarded with more of the same play. You may have to do this several times during a play sessions of 10 minutes each. (gets tiring), But it helped me in just a couple days. Duke still needs reminders with the same consequence, but it stops the play biting/grabbing. (no muzzle holding, yelling, etc.) These dogs are so smart. Of course, make sure your hand isn't the target toy, have a toy handy to substitute for the appropriate biting apparatus. Duke used to mouth my hand whenever I wanted to just plain pet him nicely. It is rather frustrating . . . He is 9 mos. old now. Good luck - Let us know if it works for your 3 yr old C3PO. 🆒

  • thanks i will definitely try this & let you know!

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    This is great advice, but I would do if for more like 2 to 5 MINUTES. IMO 2 to 5 seconds isn't enough time for the dog to even notice that you have withdrawn your attention.

  • Well - the seconds is a long time to the excited dog. The directions were in seconds. Since it's training, repitition is key. A 10 minute training session would be adequate time to get in quite a few repititious consequences to learn what happens from the mouthing. 2 - 5 minutes is too long for repetitive flow and it completely ends the training. The more excited Duke was, the longer the seconds. 15 to 30 seconds delay is plenty of time - which is more likely to occur in the time it takes to move, look away and pause play. When dogs play and one gets too rough with the other the same thing happens. The offended dog stops and turns away - no eye contact. It's kind of like dog language. :mad: "YIPE!! You're bites hurt!" <ggg>It worked for me anyway. During the pause, Duke was like begging me to play again and seemingly bewildered.😕 I'd play again and when I felt teeth, I stopped, etc. He finally understood the consequence! 🙂

    Also, remember "happy talk" when C3PO is playing politely. That's the same as praise. I also ended the training with a treat and a "Goood Boy!" while playing acceptably on the positive side and before he tries to mouth again.</ggg>

  • <<2 - 5 minutes is too long for repetitive flow and it completely ends the training>>

    Yes, that would be what I want to convey to the dog. I want them to know that using teeth totally ends the interaction. Glad your method worked for you though 🙂

  • I've tried this a few times. I think he's getting it. Although my husband is having a tougher time with it. I'm not sure he's using the right body language. I immediately stop my attnetion. And when he starts to play nicer I give him my attention again.

    I think C3PO is too rough for everyone in the house. Even Topaz my female B sometimes walks away from him when he's too rowdy. The stranger thing is that SHE (2yrs) is actually younger than him (3yrs). She'll sometimes get upset & growl & nip at him.

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