• When I first met the partner for my life, I knew it had happend, I met him. I knew from the first moment I was at home. As you all should know, it is the one question for a little dog: who will be my socalled owner? If you would listen carefully, I will try to tell what was going on: When I met my partner, I knew. He was all a question, and love. He felt that I know, but was wondering how could this be. He looked at me: how can you be so sure? You are nine weeks dog, I am 44 years human, and evry day I know less. - As you all ought to know, humans carry on, just carry on. Without knowing. - When waiting for the chance/curse of a knew life, naked souls sitting together endlessly talking what would be. It´s the eternal life before decision, before „going down“. Who wants to be a human? Who wants a dog´s life? I agreed to go down under the condition to stay a soul, and to meet another soul. That would be a way, I knew, that could make loneliness bearable. The question of survival is to understand the food chain of sadness.

    So now I am a four and a half years Basenji, and my partner learned a lot. I taught him. Before I came, he was wondering: How can a man ever know what is really going on in a dog, as he has no words. We look in each others eyes - or even without looking - and both smile about this silly question. This is so precious for him! All his life human language was most important for him, but I taught him a lot of much higher value.

    Oh, not to forget to tell: He is so glad to have found „Basenji Forums“. He was looking for it, without much hope. It is not always so funny „owning“ a B, because of the people, which are people, dog-people, dog-experts. There are even Basenji-experts, who know so many Basenjis. We haven´t met one single Basenji in Austria, Italy or France. Only people who say: a dog is a dog. So often I have to comfort him: Look at me! I am a dog, but … - That works. Ah yes: he already spent hours and days with B-Forums. It´s very good for him, he found a family there.

  • Welcome Boubou. Thank you for the wonderful story. You might find someone close to where you live here at the B forum.

  • Hello hello!

    You may be in Austria, but me and Lycia are in Switzerland! We are neighbors! There are a couple other Basnejis who live en Suisse with us. If you ever stop by let us know!

  • there are at least 4 Old Legend's B's in Austria, but I guess more "south" than Vienna 😉 And of course, the "big old Lady" Mrs. Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (Jangua Basenjis). but I guess, these people do not communicate a lot over the internet. We're sorry, but we cannot remember the city's name, but there is a big dog show every year….ups, running around a little reminded us, that the city's name was Graz....

    baroos to you
    Jester & Banshee (Old Legend's Anam Chara and Old Legend's Banshee)

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