• So yesterday Indi and I started the couch to 5K running program.


    Results so far:
    I am not a running person but I love it you are suposed to do it 3x a week I have done it 3x in two days. I plan to keep doing it 2x a day as long as I can.

    Indi, is exhausted. He loves the running parts, and loves the "free sniff time" as a reward at the end.

    We have been 3 different places in two days and I have found a couple of good ways to get this accomplished during the day. Today we did our first run while at the laundry mat waiting for the comforter to wash and dry. Tomorrow we will be dong our last run while I am getting my oil changed and alignment done.

    If you are looking for a great not daunting way to get in shape, and get some exercise for your b this is the way to do it. 30 mins a day is all you need.

  • Thanks for the post, I am printing it right now! Rocco and I are going to start this week.

  • Awesome!!!!

  • Yeah, I might try this as well. I usually do elliptical 3X a week and walk for about an hour and a half 4X a week. I lost a lot of weight doing this for awhile, but have now reached a plateau, which has been so frusturating! I have wanted to try running, but I SUCK at it, I can use an elliptical for 45 min no prob, but run a block and I am huffing and puffing. This looks like a nice, slow, easy way to try to start running a bit more, I think I will incorporate it into the middle of my walks. Maybe it will get me over my plateau…its worth a shot!

  • What a wonderful way for you and your b to get exercise.

  • Yes, Fiji and I have done the C25K program - made it about half way through before tons of family descended and the summer got out of control.
    Now, we have Bongo too and though I'm getting the hang of walking two - :o - and I can run with them for a block, I'm still not confident enough to run any distance with two. :eek: Hoping to get back to it soon, though.
    A couple of things: there is a good podcast you can download and use with an ipod that changes up music and gives verbal cues to switch between running and walking. If you're doing this with a B, that makes it much easier than trying to time your intervals with a watch.
    Also, C25K is specifically designed to keep you from overdoing when you're starting up, and then burning out. Unless you're already a runner and just using it to practice intervals, be careful about doing it way more frequently than the program suggests. Slow and steady wins the race and all that...;)

  • Rocco and I did it today on our normal walking route; we both did ok. I like how this starts out slow, I thought the 90 second run was just the right amout it work out to be about the time i would look at my timer to see if i could walk!

  • I have to say, Indi was QUITE surprised when instead of stumbling outside, letting him go and then coming back in to sleep I let him go and then took off walking. He was not at all pleased with the new morning routine, when we came up stairs he promptly went to his crate and fell asleep….but no crazy b when I got home....PLUS the crate was dry and clean. Soooo I think he is going to have to get used to it.

    Good job tah1212 and congratulations Rocco for making your first run 🙂

  • Execercise is good for all of us..laugh, me saying this, typing in front of the computer instead of walking…
    Ok, I will walk tomorrow, with the b's!

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