WI Humane Society purchases a puppy mill

  • Here was Puppy Haven's web site… this is great news for these dogs...

  • That was the one from the NY Times article Andrew posted awhile back, the beginning of the "perfect" breed thread. That is great news. I was very disturbed by the puppy mill's website, especially the claims against purebred dogs. And they couldn't even spell hip dysplasia right. Please.

  • It is wonderful for these poor breeding dogs.
    I do so hope that these dogs can find angels to take them in.
    Its a hard rescue…but so rewarding.
    These dogs don't know what grass is...they are afraid of EVERYTHING!
    BUT with kindness and care, they can bloom..
    Anytime a puppymill closes, its a good thing indeed.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

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