• This is new to my area and I thought I'd share. I think it is a wonderful idea:D The local news article follows the connecting partial ….

    ....Danny Scheurer risked his life in Iraq, and now he is risking his financial future on facilities for retired service dogs.

    Scheurer, a U.S. Army marksman whose tours of duty included Iraq from 2004 to 2006, used his savings to start Save-A-Vet, a foundation to build facilities for military and law enforcement dogs that can't be adopted because of their military training.....


    Web site: http://www.save-a-vet.org/

    I know there must be many 2 legged (and 4 legged) veterans out there that would appreciate an organization like this. Please pass the word. Thank you.:)

  • What a great idea. It is so important to take care of these retired canines. After all we as humans trained them in a way that they are not always sutable as adoption pets after their work is compleate. We owe it to them to not have to be put down for being what we trained them to be.
    Thanx for the link to this great cause. 🙂

  • Wow. 😞

    My eyes are tearing.

  • I became interested in this aspect of our canine companions after watching the documentary "War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heros". (If you can rent it, please do so) …more info at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0204733/

    I was thrilled to find out that someone in my area started an organization to support veteran dogs and police dogs in their retirement. I'm sending a snail mail soon to offer to volunteer, in the mean time I'm ordering buttons for some of my dog loving co-workers at school to wear on their ID lanyards and a tank top (or 2) to support the fund raising.

    Thanks to those that responded. I know money is tight in this economy, but if we can pass the word, who knows….maybe the right person with a little expendable cash may read about this organization and be able to help.

    Again, thank you forum friends.

  • i do a seacrh on the net every few weeks to see where we have hit. My name is Danny Scheurer, founder of Save-A-Vet. Thank you for your support. Snorky, just to let you know, we now how shirts and stuff available through our website. The website is actually completly re-done. We are also in the process of setting up a free newsletter. And thanks again for helping to spread the word.

    Danny Scheurer
    Save-A-Vet nfp Inc.

  • Hi all I just had an e mail conversation with Danny here's what he says

    Ruff Wear Grip Tex Boots for a dog between 30 and 50 lbs
    Ruff Wear Grip Tex Socks for a dog between 30 and50 lbs
    Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler for a dog between 30 and 50 lbs
    Treats and Toys

    If you find a better deal than I have post it here so we can pitch in

  • Danny, good to hear from you!! I have an X-mas order hanging in limbo on my computer. I'm just waiting to hear from my family on color, size, and style. Do you still have the buttons available? I'd love to buy some of those as well. (We have many retired military now in education in my district. ID lanyard buttons/pins are a standard ice breaker in my area and would help to spread the word about your organization)

    rnasto….thanks for the follow up. Perhaps on Danny's web site he'll post a wish list with 'look at' links and pay pal with an automatic "send to", to save-a-vet. Many of our zoo's in the U.S. do this. It works well for those that shop on line and have limited time but extra income 😃 .

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