Bedtime snarkyness

Several months ago we had a discussion about how some beasties can get snarky in bed (resource/territory protection). After being tossed out of bed (and sometimes out of the room) everytime he acted up EL D started get the message. Occasionally he still does it (especially if I roll over on top of him :eek:). Update on my solution…

When I took EL D camping I gave him his own sleeping bag (no way was I going to let him take over mine :p), which he thought was great since he likes tunneling in bed. So when we got back I put the sleeping bag (child size) on the bed and discovered it was a great way to help control his snarkyness. There's enough room for him to stretch out in it but because he gets wrapped up, he can't take over my bed :). And even it he does get snarky he's stuck in the bag 😃

I did something similar, because Jack was being a bit snarky at bed time. I had started by putting him on the floor each time, which is difficult for me, because I am short and have a hard time reaching the floor from the bed anyway.

Last night, I brought his binki in and put it on the end of the bed. That became his spot, he made a little nest out of it, by pulling most of it to one side so he had a pillow.

Definitely sounds like a great solution to what was an issue for you! Plus you cracked me up with "if he does get snarky he's stuck in a bag" LOL :p

She-Ra gets snarky but only if the cat moves too close to her in the night. I can usually move her no problem.

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