• My favorite B-tale is from my Jonas. He was a rescue I had briefly and oh my, what a character!
    I took him into my home in December and I didn't really do the whole holiday thing (Christmas tree decorations, etc). I did put out a navity set I brought back from a travel in Panama. Jonas adored the baby Jesus in the manger figure. He had the entire set to choose from (on my dining room table–what was I thinking???). I kept finding Baby Jesus in his water bowl. I would place it back in the nativity scene and almost everyday he would sneak in and kidnap him. Baby Jesus kept getting baths. As funny as it was I had to put it away because I feared he may ingest him accidentally. I never saw him climb up on the table. I never knew when he did it but after a few "relocations" I moved the Holy Family to safer ground.
    Who in the heck knows why they do the things they do but sometimes they are comical as can be! Little pranksters..

  • I love this idea.
    Fun stuff indeed.
    My girl basenji full blooded, well bred barks.
    Not a yodel, or anything else, a BARK.
    She uses this power for HER good, not necessary to the goodness of my boy Cody.
    Cody is ALWAYS shocked when she does this.
    If he is doing something she doesn't like he stops, if he has something she wants, he drops it.
    See a pattern.
    He will yodel at her, but the effect is not the same.
    Anyway, its a hoot to those of us who have "quiet" basenjis!
    Well, I USED to!
    Sharron and the 2 b's who live with me.

  • Too funny Miche! Jonas and Jesus sound kind of similar! Perhaps Jonas was a little confused! 😉 Oh, and maybe he just wanted to make sure the baby Jesus was clean and well groomed (hence the water bowl baths) like a proper b! :p

    Sharron - That's too funny! The look on a non-barking dog's face when they hear the bark of another is PRICELESS! It also sounds like your little girl has learned how to work her feminine wiles to the fullest! :p Oh, and my Mom's b barks, too - especially at things that are out of place in the house or things she finds "threatening" like the shop vac! :rolleyes:

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