• So last night I'm walking Lycia in the fields next to my village. Since I'm out in the country there is always loads of wildstock - and she normally does just fine with what we come across.

    But last night we encountered a herd of sheep with lots of baby lambs and the prey drive just kicked in. In almost complete darkness, Lycia jumped through the rectangular holed fence, a hole maybe 5 in tall and 8 inches wide (that is being generous)…. it was to say incredibly impressive. One moment I'm walking my dog with me and the next she has jumped through a tiny square in a fence at a full charge. I reacted in time to lock the flexi lead - but she scared the wits out of me, and the sheep flew away in a heartbeat.

    Oh lamby lambs - watch out for the Basenji hunter! 😛

  • You are lucky that she did not got hit by the electric wire which is usually in these fences. The voltage is quite high with sheep fences, as the wool does clam the shock down. If the sheeps are supposed to stay in, they need a fast hit. If this goes to your dog he will be terrified for the rest of his life. This happened to Gromit when he was about 9 months old. He still is scared of Sheep and Horses….


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