Another senior b in shelter needs help

  • 😞 Subject: [BBR] Special Needs Basenji

    Phoenix is a 10 year old, neutered, purebred basenji who is in desperate
    need of a guardian angel. His owners have turned him into a WI shelter
    specifically to be euthanized due to possible separation anxiety – it is
    not known if Phoenix actually suffers from separation anxiety as the shelte=
    did not collect any history on Phoenix due to the euthanasia request.
    Additionally, Phoenix has an injured eye of unknown cause - he is receiving
    antibiotics, but the shelter has indicated they will not provide any furthe=
    diagnostics or treatment if needed. You can see pictures of Phoenix here: If you have room in your heart and
    your home for a special needs guy who has no options at this point and woul=
    consider either adopting or fostering Phoenix, please contact me.

    Shawn Smith
    BCOA Rescue Chair
    BCOSW Rescue Chair

  • Do you know where in Wisconsin this little guy is? It is a tempting offer, at least to foster temporarily, but I am leary as our house is not big, and I would really have to think about whether I could actually handle two of them…thats the real issue. Especially since I work during the day, which would be problematic if he does have separation anxiety...However, I would be interested in more information...I hope there is someone out there that can help him...

  • Post these questions to Shawn.
    Maybe she can give you more info.

  • I just emailed Shawn…asked a lot of questions (hope thats ok). I am completely new to this (never even heard of a basenji before I got mine last but depending on his situation maybe I could be of some help...I am not sure if my lifestyle makes me the right person though...we'll see what Shawn says.

  • Sharron have you contacted member "Dash" ? From Ohio? I think she was open to perhaps fostering Banjo - maybe she would consider Phoenix?????

    It's on the 3rd page of Banjos thread if I recall correctly..I really hope he gets placed… 10 years old, breaks my heart.. 😞

  • I did not post to them, as I did not remember this.
    But thanks for reminding me.

  • Sigh, I had forgotten that we can't post member to member. sigh, so hopefully Dash will see this post and repond.

  • Good news! I contacted Shawn, and got this response…
    Thanks for checking on Phoenix. We now have a plan in place for him so you're off the hook :-).
    I am not sure what the plan is, but I am glad things are looking up for Phoenix!

  • Wonderfulll!!!

  • Great to hear! I am glad everything is working out for him. I have been swamped lately and haven't gotten on. Sorry.

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