Lure Coursing in Georgia

Is this the BRAT Coordinator Jack Austin??
I can e-mail you directions. Or call you with them.
You met me awhile back when I drove Ruby and Scarlett to Macon.

Well Hello

The girls are now in a forever home in Martinez, Ga. They went there last Valentines weekend.
I just discovered this forum this morning while trying to find information on lure coursing. I found every thing I needed to know except the actulal locations in Calhoun and Moreland.
An e-mail directions would be great that way I won't have to try and read my hensratch.



Vicki, there is a lot of coursing in Calhoun. The Region 7 Invitational will be there Thanksgiving weekend. That should be a big event.

Otherwise the other coursing locations are Cartersville, Fairburn and Moreland. They just had a trial in the Knoxville area to see if there's any interest.

Yay glad to see some more local interest!
As far as training, there is a group called SONG (Sighthounds of North Georgia) that does informal practices once a month or so depending on man power & weather. These practices are a great way to introduce a new dog to the lure. However, for most dogs its an instinctual thing & they don't need much training. Lola & Callie both caught on to it their first time. I just let them both watch other dogs doing it first, then let them go & they did their thing.

Website for SONG:

It doesn't get updated frequently, but go to the lure coursing practice tab, scroll to the bottom & there are instructions to get on the e-mail list for upcoming practices. Hope to see you lure coursing soon!

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