• We closed on our new house on Thursday and immediately started working on ripping down wallpaper, etc. We took Jack with us, because we figured it was going to be a long day. I think he thought that we were tearing the skin off of the house, because he was really good and didn't get into anything all weekend. Here he is:


  • And here he is supervising:


  • Cute pictures! I am surprised that he isn't helping rip down the wallpaper. Anytime our B's hear paper tearing they jump at the opportunity to be destructive 🙂

  • Jack's such a good boy - taking care of the resting part for you. 🙂

  • Yeah- we were really hoping he was going to help out and transfer his paper obsession to the paper on the walls. No such luck. He did immediately toilet paper the house, though…lol!

  • Very cute! It's like they know when to be on their good behavior huh? 🙂

  • if you need to rip carpet up, i can lend you Mia, she will get that done in no time flat lol

  • HA! Did you notice the "lovely" blue shag carpeting?

    It looks like someone skinned cookie monster and carpeted my house with him. Yeah, that is going to go as soon as we get paint on the walls, and Jack will be very disappointed…..it is so heavily padded, he likes bouncing around on it.

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