New from Michigan

Hello everyone. I'm Suzanne and I live in Michigan. A friend told me about this forum since I'm fostering 2 dogs from BRAT. I have 2 male basenjis, Hunter and Twister, who are the loves of my life (besides my hubby of course). I have a boxer/lab mix too. I am fostering 2 females from BRAT and I have a foster pit/shephard mix we're caring for while his owner in is Iraq. We are starting our own boarding hotel for dogs (opening labor day weekend) and I have a full time job (for now). We are active in agility with our boxer mix and enjoy Dogster too.

I hope to get to know you all better.


Hello and Welcome!

Love to see some pics of your dogs!

I just checked your website: your dogs and cat are beautiful! Very nice photos as well!

Thanks. We like to think so too…:)

welcome to the forum, beautiful critters, I love your cats name - very cute

Welcome! and bless you for fostering. Pretty pups (and Fidget too).

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