• Abbey detests our neighbor's golden retriever Charlie. She sits in the yard and intently watches his front door for any signs of movement. When he actually does come out she goes wild, running in circles and making this wierd noise deep in her throat that sounds like WaWaWa. Charlie seems like a nice fella but she still hates him. He doesn't even need a fenced yard because unlike Miss Abbey he would never chase cars or climb trees after a squirrel. She's best buddies with my son's 110 lb. rottweiller Mona and the black lab Toad and our other neighbor's 16 year old dalmation Jack. She tolerates Roofus the cat. Yet she turns in to a 22 lb. maniac at the very sight of Charlie. Go figure!

  • Our golden mix HATES our neighbor's German Shepard, and has since he moved in three years ago. If she hears the slightest sound from their place she goes ballistic; she also sits at the fence and stares over there, just waiting for sound or movement.
    Before we realized how much she hates Tito, we did try to introduce them, thinking they could be pals. Man! It was embarrassing. She lit into him like a mad dog. Darren could barely pull her back. She'd NEVER reacted that way before, and has always been friendly with other dogs that friends/relatives have brought into our home/yard.
    It's weird.

  • Cali gets along with my neighbors german shepherd, rhodesian ridgeback, but for some reason she does not get along with any of my neighbors that have boxers. She doesnt even get along with by brothers boxer, but she gets along with his Cane Corso. I guess there are just some dogs that rub her the wrong way.

  • Our Son has a 10mth old female staffy, Simba, who is friendly and wants to play. He desperately wants Simba to be friends with our Alfie the Lowchen and Bandit the Basenji.
    Recently, our Son brought Simba over and everyone was playing nicely, then the staffy knocked over our Basenji which caused WWIII!!

    Alfie the Lowchen flew at the Staffy thinking Bandit was in trouble then the two of them ganged up on the Simba the staffy. Out Son quickly grabbed his Staffy because they can do a lot of damage in a fight.
    All you could see were teeth then Bandit screaming for attention. Bandit is a drama queen though. He acts very well….. definitely Oscar potential!!!
    Our Son went home disheartened but will be back another day with Simba I'm sure.

  • Poor Simba. Since they're cousins, they may eventually get along. Probably frequent short visits both on leashes might be a good idea for now. They're both puppies with high energy. It's a difficult combination. What a close call though.

  • Yes I know Jill
    Simba the Staffy is a lot bigger with rock solid bulging muscles and because she is still a pup herself, easily knocks you over with her excitment.
    If Simba was human I'm sure she would be a weightlifter and a gym junkie!! LOL…......

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