• Ok, Tosca did something entirely out of character last night. She always sleeps with me in bed, and usually if I wake up to go to the bathroom, get a drink, etc. she wakes up, but I usually just keep her in the room until I get back and then she goes right back to sleep. Well, last night I fell asleep around 11, then woke up around 12:15, and left the room. When I came back in, I laid down and waited for her to jump up…well she did...then she PEED! Right on the comforter. It was not a lot, but still it was weird...she hasn't had an accident since shortly after we got her last February. I did take her out like always before bed, so that wouldn't be a reason. Then I was really freaking out because after I cleaned up and went back to bed, she started pacing around, going for my cup of water on the nightstand. I opened the door, and she went RIGHT for her water, got a drink, and immediately laid down by me and went to sleep. So obvisouly she was thirsty. So this immediately made me scared about Fanconi (hence my post in that forum about testing strips). Does this sound like a symptom? I know excessive drinking and peeing are symptoms, and while this happened last night, she did not drink this morning, was fine in her crate all day, and then has not yet taken a drink since I got home about a little over an hour ago. Her appetite, energy have been completely normal.
    Do you think this is something to worry about or just a fluke thing? She seems fine so far today...I guess we will see as the night goes on. Now I am just paranoid about Fanconi, I can't find any glucose strips around here, but I think I will order some online. Just wanted some opinions on if this happens to others occasionally, or is it more to worry about. Accidents are just SO uncharacter for her!
    Thanks for letting me vent and be what is hopefully just a paranoid owner!

  • I thinks she wanted to go pee and have water just like her mom. grin.
    I get up at night, the dogs do as well, they go outside and when they get back in I give them a bisket and we all go back to bed.
    Fanconis dogs will stand over the water bowl and drink, you can see their sides getting wide, you will think they can't possibly hold any more water and they crave MORE.
    So, this just sounds like a "mis communication" re you and your dog.
    However, strip testing is recommended once a month or more…

  • Thank you for your input. So far tonight she seems fine. She is drinking just a normal amount, and no accidents. So we will see what happens overnight tonight. It just freaked me out because like I said she NEVER has accidents, and before she went she didn't pace around or act like she needed to go, she was just very matter of fact about it. And this is a dog that DOES NOT have accidents. So it was just weird. But hopefully it was a one time thing. Thanks for easing my mind about dogs drinking so much when they have Fanconi. While it was unusual for her to need a drink in the middle of the night, she just took a quick one and went back to bed. And today her drinking didn't seem to be out of the ordinary…so hopefully all will go well later.
    Thanks again for listening, its great to have this forum to get opinions and voice concerns without feeling dumb for doing so 🙂

  • See the post on test strips and get the ones they show.
    Strip test as Least once a month, or more.
    It will help ease your mind.

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