• Its short but here is Capt. Jack playing with bubbles…a little scared maybe...he kept bolting in biting a couple and tearing out with his tail tucked. Only taped it one time so it would be short but it was going on for a good five minutes!! Do Your B's Like Bubbles???


  • Just wondering what else your Basenji's like to play with besides dog toys? What REALLY gets them going (and burning up all the energy???!!)

  • Foxtails on a fishing pole 😃

  • everything that's not his! Pillows.. blankets, candles.. shoes, his leach, everything that's made out of plastic.. Shall I continue? 😉

  • Oh.. and he likes balloons! I will have to try the bubbles, think he will love them as well

  • **hahaa!! Good ones. Jack like the Dryer sheets too…(eww and my DH's Qtips YUCK!!)

    The bubbles are great tho, Aiden and Jack BOTH love them (Jack acts a little scared but keeps coming back to Snip one out of the air before he takes off again!)**

  • Cute! I might have to try that and see what reaction I get. 🙂

  • Ha! That is funny. My Captain Jack loves to chase a laser pointer around. We have a laser level tool that we point at the ground and he will chase it up and down stairs, around the living room, over the couch. He knows when we pull it out, too, he immediately starts looking for the little red dot on the floor.

    What is going to be really fun is when we move and start trying to use the laser level for its actual purpose. 🙂

  • lol!! wow 2 capt. jacks huh?? id love to see a pic!!

  • I'm trying to attach it here, but am not sure if it worked or not.


  • Yay, it did! These are all that I have at work. Will send some from home tonight.


  • LOL, my guys love bubbles, laser lights, Tiggy loves the cats toys (especially her refillable catnip mice), playing with the cat, sock, dryer sheets are always a favorite, plastic bottles

  • WOW!! Our Jacks actually look ALOT alike!!! ADORABLE!!! hehee. Where are you all located? We are in Eastern CT. How old is your jack. Jacker is 6-7 now we think. He is a rescue.

  • I am just north of Boston right now, but soon to be moving to the south shore in a couple weeks. Where in Eastern CT are you? My sister in law and fam are in Manchester, and the hubs grew up in Ellington.

    Small world!

  • Oh, Jack is 2 years old. We rescued him, too, from a puppy mill shelter. He's missing the ear, so I had to give him a pirate name, lol!

  • haha!!! Im in groton! we rescued our Jack from the local shelter about 2 years ago. his neck markings look like hes wearing a bandanna & we love the movie so we named him capt jack sparrow, lol. well if youre ever this way, id love to let the boys play at the local dog park!!!!

  • poor little ear!!! hes sooooo cute!

  • That would be fantastic! I will definitely let you know next time we are in the area. We are always doing road trips back and forth.

    lol- we like to make up stories for what happened to his ear:

    "Knife fight, you should see the other dog"
    "Shark attack"
    "A really big cat"

  • LOL. Great cant wait!!!

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