• It has been several years since I have done any major changes to my website layout. I decided it was about time for a new look. The link to my website is in my profile.

    I would love feedback on whether it is easy navigate and if it is useful for someone who is still learning about the breed. Even as I type this I realize I forgot to include a link to the Basenji Forums. I will go change that right now.

  • I think it looks great Lisa. I love how friendly it is to new folks, and information gathering folks.

  • I think it looks great, plenty of information and good photo's…..oh and great dogs.;) 🙂

  • Nice…I love the layout and ease of use. Lots of great info and beautiful dogs too!

  • Thanks, I am glad that it is easy to use. I wanted something that would look nice and that people could easily find the information they wanted.

    I tried out Coffe Cup's Visual Editor and really liked it. It made putting the site together very easy. Uploading was very easy also with the built in FTP function.

    Now I just have to finish uploading pics to my photo albums this evening. It is amazing how many photos I have of my dogs. It takes awhile to go through and organize them all.

  • I'm a little late but I just looked & found it not only very user-friendly but informative as well. I like how you give the history of your pups & have tons of pictures 🙂 Very nice! I know I'd be inclined to inquire about your pups after seeing that site!

  • The more feedback the better. I really want a site that is useful for people who are just starting to research the breed.

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