• If anyone is interested in the Hampton Roads area here is the link for SHOT


    I just joined last month, they let Chase, my Puggle run and our meets have a Wannabe race for the Non Sighthound dogs to compete in. Zahra did great her first time doing the practice but since she is so young she only did a small section of the course both times she ran during the practice to let her get the feel for it.

    I had a great time and this was a great way to meet other Basenji owners in my area.

  • I am from NC, just a short distance from Hampton Roads, my son lives in VA. Beach. My B, Sahara, is only 8mos., but when she turns a year I am planning on joining Shot to put her into Lure Coursing. She just loves to run, and I am going to start working with her with a white bag on a pole. I was told to do this to get her use to running after the bag. I am looking forward to meeting other B owners, and so is Sahara. We only have 1 other B in the area.

  • You should come up in November and try it out! Your first time out is free and it would be great to meet another B owner.

    September and October they are having a meet in Williamsburg so they will not be having a practice.

  • What time in November, I am taking a trip to Florida. Contact me via private message. Thanks

  • November 26, it is a Sunday. Everyone usually gets there at about 9:00 am.

  • I will be in Florida at that time, going for Thanksgiving. I will go next time there is a scheduled practice. Do they have them in the winter? Sahara hates cold weather so I doubt that she would go for it then.

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