Video of Mia and Nike


Awww so cute! I need to figure out how to do all that fancy stuff! Haha.

That was great! I loved it when he was pulling on her leash!

Just wonderful!
I lol with the pups playing.
Thanks for sharing.

Very well done…..bravo!:D

That is so cool! I absolutely love the part with your puppy pulling on the leash…its great!

I loved it, so creative, I loved the part of looking for that special toy, my B does the same thing, and she is red & white as well, reminded me of her when she was a pup. Just so funny, great songs as well!!!!

thanks all…I have alot of time on my hands 😃 , and it will make for great memories when they get older lol

Great video & lovely dogs. Great looking tri

Damn, I laughed so hard 😃 😃 😃 I was waiting for a picture of the puppy totally in the toy box 😃 Great video – oscar time!

That is hilarious! I nearly wet myself with the treat bag and Nike pulling on Mia's leash. She just sat there and the went to lay down. Thanks for the laughs.
They are both beautiful, by the way…if I haven't said it before!

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