Phoenix being Phoenix lol

Sorry i can't put the pics in here so they show up for some reason i can't get it to work when i download them from the phone 😞 But if u click on them they should work 🙂 Sorry some of the pics are not to clear damn camera phone lol

Phoenix sitting at the table waiting to be served like he's the king lol :p

The Look at me i'm such a good boy "while your standing there starting at me" lol

Phoenix chewing a toy bigger then his head :p

Chewing something he's not suppost to

The look into my eyes pose lol

And the I'm a good boy NOW GIVE ME A COOKIE lol :p :p

Very Cute, love the captions

The look into my eyes and the give me a cookie pics are cute, it is like he thinks he is doing a mind trick with his eyes to make you give him a cookie! 🙂

I think thats the plan anything that will get him a COOKIE lol It's funny cuz he'll give u those eyes but when u look right back at him with the same look he will switch to the looking straight ahead and having just his eyes look up Like well the first look didn't work maybe my sad and pathetic eyes will get me a COOKIE lol lol He cracks me up lol lol

I think their personalities is what we love so much about them. They are like no other breed, and they know how to give those sad eye looks. I just love Basenjis! Your furbaby is so cute, and does well for the camera. My B, Sahara, has gotten the habit of closing her eyes every time I take her picture, makes me go grrrrrrr!!!!! haha!!!

awwww so cute and the captins are great! "I'm a good boy, Now give me a Cookie!" just like my dog! 😃

Here's another one with Phoenix using Aspen as a pillow lol Apparently Aspens leg is pretty comfortable lol 🙂 🙂

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