• Sorry i have been MIA for awhile busy with all the holiday things but i mentioned a while back how i wanted to get Phoenix a treadmill to get him to loss a few pounds well it's been a few weeks now and he's lost 2 pds i know that doesn't sound like much but for him it sure is lol He took very well to the treadmill only gave me a hard time the first couple times now he jumps right on it and looks at me like MOM come on and get the cookies i need to work out LOL i got a couple pics {sorry so dark there from a camera phone} it's hard to try and keep him walking in a straight line and also hold the camera lol the first one is him getting ready for his run and the other is him trying to push Aspen off. and the last is the wonderful thing that happens after a 10 min run on the treadmill LOL ūüôā

  • haha what a great pics, it's a funny way to let them loosa a few pounds ūüėÉ

    by the way, ther'e handsome ūüėÉ

  • That's great Phoenix! Looks like the weight loss is coming along nicely. ūüôā

    We don't have a treadmill yet, but the kids have had a chance to "try" one, and here's Mojo doing his advertising stint.

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